Tom Clancy’s Rainbow

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow             

Tom Clancy's RainbowTom clancy’s rainbow is a shooter game created by American authors international counter-terrorist game Join The Siege Games for your chance to play Rainbow Six Siege against celebrities and gamers from around the world at the biggest gaming event of the year.published by ubisoft & developed by red stream developers tom clancy’s game series.

Developers: Red strom internationa.
Publisher:  Ubisoft.
Platforms: Ps4,Xbox One.


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China

Gamerzzplace Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China: is a video game of Assassin’s franchise developed by “Climax Studios” & Published by “Ubisoft Games” in this game “Shao jun” was main character of game she defend her self and Protect peoples Assasins creed is full of stragetic game of ubisoft & ubisoft montreal.Great game Features and The forbidden city or great wall of china she killed the enemies and finally catch game evil Zhang young.

Developers: Climax studios
Publisher:  Ubisoft
Platforms: Ps4,Xbox One


H-Hour World’s Elite

GAmerzzplaceH-Hour World Elite: 
is a shooter video playing game was developed by “SOF Studios” & published by “SOF Studios” H-hour world elite was multiplayer online shooter game with good features and graphics & controls players are buy weapons in weapons chart to select best range snipers and smg to defend his enemy this game is best features in multiplayer.

Developers: SOF studios
Publisher: SOF studios
Platforms: Ps4
Initial Relesed date: Microsoft Games May,19,2015


No man’s sky

GamerzzplaceNo man’s sky: is coming video game of “Hello Games Industries” in this game character are buying weapons and incerease game playing & purchase starships No mans sky is released in 2015 adventure game was published by “Hello Games & developed by “Hello Games“.

Developers: Hello games
Publisher: Hello games
Platforms: Ps4
Relesed date: 2015


Call of duty:Black Ops

GamerzzplaceCall of duty:Black Ops is a shooter video game  is new stragetic series unique powers ,actions, and best monitization options for controler  call of duty black ops is thriler spy guy game Developed by” N-Space” & Published by “Activision”

Platforms: pc,Xbox
Initial Release date:November 9, 2010


The Last of US

GamerzzplaceThe Last of US: is a adventure & thatrical game of “Naughty dog” Horror servival video game is developed By “Naughty dog” &  This game is based on little girl & her father to survies many Problems to defend his daughter.

Platforms: Ps4,3
Publisher: Naughty dog
Developer: Naughty dog
Initial Release date: June 14, 2013


Tom clancy’s:The division

GamerzzplaceTom clancy’s:The division Tom clancy’s is an open world person game shooter role playing games with the elements survival  division is inspired by dark world and directive real vulnerable reveal   the america is became in the Society of mordern Era  become or “fragile” & “complexes”

Developers:Massive ubisoft
Publishers:Ubisoft Games
Initial Release date:2015


Star Wars:Battle Front

Star wars battle frontStar Wars:Battle Front Stars war battle front is a video game base on video playing games the person shooter game series Star wars: Incompasses battle  four main faction between  Orignal from both and trlogies of piquel is developed by “Studios of pandemic” & Publisher “Arts of lucas


Developers:Studious of Pandemic
publishers:Lucas Arts industries
Initial Release date:November 17, 2015

The witcher3: Wild Hunt

GamerzzplaceThe witcher3: Wild Hunt The witcher is third wild hunt action role playing game this is open world enviromental game series This is recently development By”Cd Projekt” & “witcher” Games series the Witcher 3 is going to be a multi-platform release including the Ps4,Xbox&360


Developers:Cd Projekt
Publisher:Bandai namco games
Initial Release date: May 19, 2015

Halo five Guardian

GamerzzplaceHalo five Guardians: is an upcoming game of “343 Industries”  first shooter game Franchise is part of halo the game being by publisher” Microsoft Studios” The 2013 Electronic Entertainment game series of halo single player & Multiplayer Games.

Developers:343 industries
Publisher:Microsoft Studios
Platforms: Xbox One,360
Release date:October 27, 2015