Just Cause 3

GamerzzplaceJust Cause 3: is an upcoming open world action-adventure game.developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix.InMarch last year Avalanche launched the Square Enix-published open world action game Just Cause 2.So what about Just Cause 3 then?“I can’t see that Avalanche wouldn’t want to continue on the Just Cause series,” Thorsén said. “We love that franchise.”Avalanche founder and original concept creator of Just Cause Christofer Sundberg explained to Eurogamer that while the Stockholm-based studio does not own the Just Cause intellectual property, it remains intrinsically linked to it.“I can’t really comment on the future of Just Cause,” he said, “but as we created the IP there is an attachment to the studio even though we don’t own the IP.”“We are not finished with traditional boxed retail games by far. We have two huge licenses that we work on to be released in 2013.“Can’t say anything about them at this point.”


Developer: Avalanche studios
Platform: Xbox One,PlayStation 4


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