GamerzzplaceInfamous Second Son: Is an open world game infamous is full of “adventure” & “Stragetic”game. The game hero is “Delsin Rowe” main character of the infamous second son is published by”Sony Computers”& Developed by “Sucker Punch Production” Series of infamous.

Developer: Sucker Punch Production
Publisher: Sony Computers
Initial Released date: March 21,14

GamerzzplaceBlood Borne: Game is based on vampire history games developed by “From Software” Bloodborne game is getting many characters in the game defend enemies and save civilians to stop inocent peoples killing to protect directed by “Hidetaka Miyazaki“& published by “Sony Computers” Bloodborne was nominated in top greats game in 2015.

Developers: From Software
Publisher: Sony Computer
Released date: 2015

GamerzzplaceThe Last of US: is a adventure & thatrical game of “Naughty dog” Horror servival video game is developed By “Naughty dog” &  This game is based on little girl & her father to survies many Enemies to defend his daughter.

Developer: Naughty dog
Initial Release date: June 14, 2013

GamerzzplaceDestiny: &is a shooter video game series of “HALO” science fiction game great games features  & most hit game of ps4 developed by” Bungie games” & Published by “Activision games”

Developers: Bungie games
Publisher: Activision games
Initial Released date: September 9, 2014


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