GamerzzplaceBattlefield Hardline: is a single & multiplayer shooter video game best controlled game in Xbox is presented by”EA Sports” and “EA Canada” and design by “Visceral Games” virtuous shooter game for playing real strategic players EA is admirable games industries since 1982.

Developers: EA Sports
Initial Released date: March 17,15

GamerzzplaceFIFA 15: Is Association of football simulation game of EA sports game series. This game is based on Real FIFA rules best players included & Countries 85% in world peoples like a football game. FIFA 1 is presented by”EA” sports and developed by “EA Canada

Developers: EA Sports
Initial Release date: September 23,14


GamerzzplaceTitan Fall: is a shooter multi-player video game titan fall is an advance war game latest weapons, robots & new features with great graphics by EA sports games.titan fall is developed by “Respawn Entertainment games” & Published by “Electronic Arts

Developer: Respawn Entertainment games
Initial released date :March 11,14


GamerzzplaceForza Horizon 2: is worlds open racing video game th is game is based on racing stragety game “Forza horizon 2″ is presented by”Fast & Furious” Forza motors series.This game is developed for xbox,360,XboxOne Sequeled to 2013

Developer: Sumo digital,Playground game industries.
Initial released date: September 30, 2014


GamerzzplaceAssassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is an fiction historical Adventure game series developed & Monitized by “Ubisoft Montreal”.The story  in the set in early Carribean 18th century the age golden privacy during and follows and private age of notorious pirate kenway.

Developer:Ubisoft Games
Initial Release date:October 29, 2013


 Grand theft auto V (Five)Grand theft auto V is an open world action game series developed by”Rockstar Industries games” & published by “North production” Games.

publisher:Rockstar games.
developer:Rockstar games,Rockstar north production
Initial Release date:September 17, 2013



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